Restaurant Consulting & Development

We make restaurants successful open memorable efficient delicious function happen exciting profitable visible

Nothing is better than a restaurant done right—one that matches a brilliant vision with market appeal, impeccable execution, and a sound business model. And this is our goal for every client. To marry the joy of a wonderful restaurant experience with the rigorous development and operational practices it needs to succeed.

"Choosing Heyer Performance to be part of our team proved to be the smartest decision we made…your highly professional guidance and assistance made our project run smoothly and successfully. Your knowledge and experience within the foodservice industry has been extremely ...
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Michelle Gardner

Owner, Chalait

"Take 3 Greeks, with 3 different management styles, and 3 unique ideas about what a restaurant should be, then throw in Heyer Performance, and you get a well articulated concept, a defined management strategy, and a beautiful restaurant. Julia's style ...
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Constantine Youssis

Owner, Koureli Restaurant Group

"Choosing Heyer Performance to assist us in the development and build out of the restaurant was essential to the pre-opening success of the project. Their extensive knowledge and vast experience helped guide us among the myriad of potential pitfalls and ...
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Mark Sy

Vien Restaurant

The thrill of taking a restaurant from initial idea to successful opening and operation is exciting, but extraordinarily challenging. We know because our team has travelled the journey countless times.

Our professional team of bona fide restaurant experts craft your strategy and customized solutions with the unrelenting goal of delighting customers and delivering desired results for our clients.

Convenient, convivial, celebratory—whatever your food venture is aiming for—we help you balance vision, guest experience, operational functionality, and financial performance into a well-calibrated business that works for all: guests, team, owners and investors.

Across multiple venues and segments, from independent ventures to hotels or multi-use developments, we do restaurants right.