“Julia Heyer supported our project as a guide from market survey, to project budgeting, to drawing the design teams together and through operational details. Heyer also shaped the design concepts into operational guidelines leading to day to day execution of the brand. Julia’s support from concept design to kickoff ensured more thorough preparation and a smoother launch of our brand.”

Jim Nawn

Owner, Agricola Restaurant

“Take 3 Greeks, with 3 different management styles, and 3 unique ideas about what a restaurant should be, then throw in Heyer Performance, and you get a well articulated concept, a defined management strategy, and a beautiful restaurant. Julia’s style of constant gentle pressure makes even the most stubborn of us eventually listen to reason. Thank you for everything.”

Constantine Youssis

Owner, Koureli Restaurant Group

“Choosing Heyer Performance to assist us in the development and build out of the restaurant was essential to the pre-opening success of the project. Their extensive knowledge and vast experience helped guide us among the myriad of potential pitfalls and delays that burden many of the city’s restaurants. In addition, their in-depth understanding of the financial aspects of running a restaurant were invaluable to ensuring that the project stayed within the confines of our budget. The ongoing assistance with financials, analysis of sales data and the controlling and monitoring of costs were both useful and necessary for a first time operator in the city. It has provided us with all the tools to running a successful and profitable business. I could not think of a more honest, professional and knowledgeable firm than Heyer Performance and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to open up a restaurant.”

Mark Sy

Vien Restaurant

“Julia not only knows the restaurant business inside and out, she really cares about her clients…From inception to opening, she is there, 100% with a breadth and depth of knowledge that is unsurpassed by other restaurant consultants. People come and go from the restaurant industry, but she has staying power and is a true professional. I have worked with other consultants who are only there for the opening party and all too willing to pat themselves on the back, for work they did not do. Julia, however, isn’t afraid to get dirty and actually do the work. She is the kind of person you want to represent you. I have seen her continue her work with clients – because she cares – long after the contract was over. I would not hesitate to work with her again, and if she asked, I’d even help her move.”

Heather Laiskonis

Opening General Manager, Nerai Restaurant & Industry Pro

“Julia was my primary client contact in various transactions over the course of a couple years. She was quickly responsive, possessed a vast range of knowledge about the actual business of operating a restaurant and demonstrated great skill at analyzing issues and problem solving. She made working through the intricacies and complexities we encountered far easier (and much more enjoyable) than they would have been without her involvement. I hope our professional paths cross again and can’t recommend her highly enough.”


Attorney, Butzel Long / Minns Law

“I had the pleasure of working with Heyer Performance as a marketing consultant / copywriter and was struck by their absolute professionalism and rigor. Julia and her team has an ability to articulate and share her vision with a team, and then cheerfully juggle the many different components needed to achieve group success. Equal parts fun and collaborative, tough and persistent – they do whatever it takes to get the job done.”


Creative Director, Cheeky Monkey

“Heyer Performance gives a refreshed perspective on the phrase ‘attention to detail.’  I have had the opportunity to work with Julia and her team and have marveled at how easy they made it for us to accomplish our immediate-, mid- and long-term goals.  No matter how large or small the job, they have consistently delivered time and again.”


The American Great Dane LLC.

“Choosing Heyer Performance to be part of our team proved to be the smartest decision we made…your highly professional guidance and assistance made our project run smoothly and successfully. Your knowledge and experience within the foodservice industry has been extremely valuable to our company. Having people like you on the team is incredibly important, even critical. We are proud of our company, proud of what we’ve accomplished and established and proud to be associated with you personally and professionally.”

Michelle Gardner

Owner, Chalait